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  • General foreign language

    Minimum age:                 16
    Foreign language level:  Beginner to Advanced
    Starting dates:                every Monday (except public holidays)
    Course length:                 2 weeks to 1 year
    Class size:                        1, 4, 8 or 12 students.
    English in Great Britain - London, Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton, Bournemouth, Bristol, Manchester, Hastings, Torquay, Edinburgh, Ireland - Dublin, USA - New York, Boston, Miami Beach, Los Angeles, Washington, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Seattle, San Francisco, Australia - Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Malta, Canada - Vancouver, Toronto, New Zealand - Auckland
    French in France -Paris, Nice
    Spanish in Spain - Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Costa Rica, Ecuador - Quito
    Italian in Italy - Rome
    German in Germany - Munich, Heidelberg 
    Chinese in China - Shanghai, Beijing
    Russian in Russia - St. Petersburg

    The course: 
       This course is designed for those who want to improve foreign languages. Our flexible general foreign language program can sharpen your skills and build confidence. This course is perfect for those who wish to visit abroad and study, improving and practicing their foreign language skills for their life or a job. Graduates with language skills experience greater opportunity to travel abroad and are often recruited for more varied and interesting jobs. You can decide the length, level and content of your course. These programs are available throughout the year for students aged 16 and over, with no upper age limit. You can choose to stay for as little as two weeks or for as long as a full academic year. Emphasis is placed on all four language skill development areas: listening, speaking, reading and writing, with a balance of language structure (grammar) and practical usage. This course is offered at all levels. It aims to increase learners` confidence in communicating effectively in foreign language, while ensuring that classes are fun and interesting as well as educationally stimulating. You will practice the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, as well as grammar and vocabulary building. Attention is also placed on pronunciation or communication and the appropriate usage of language in daily situations. The course concentrates on stimulating fast and accurate reactions so that the use of the language rapidly becomes instinctive.
       General foreign language course programs are designed to suit your demands and career prospects. It means participants can choose between General, Intensive, Integrated, Interactive and Full Individual programs.

    Course goals:

    • To gain confidence in speaking the language (presentations, interviews).
    • To develop accuracy in grammar and syntax.
    • To understand and extract information from a written document (a report, an article, research material).
    • To produce a written document (essay, dissertation, correspondence, report).
    • To expand vocabulary (word-building, expressions, idioms).
    • To increase speed of reaction (absorb information, process and respond).
    • To improve fluency in the language for exam success at college, university or business school.

    Course structured program:

    • Purpose-designed grammar drilling exercises to develop the ability to write accurately in a range of styles and registers.
    • Interactive and dynamic oral practice sessions to encourage the expression of ideas and opinions, incorporating new vocabulary and idioms as well as manipulating sophisticated and more complex language structures.
    • All programs introduce and practice the basic language learning skills: the productive skills of speaking and writing, and the receptive skills of listening and reading.
    • All participants develop a greater understanding of the building blocks of the language: tenses, modal verbs, preposition and sentence structure as well as strategies for increasing your range of vocabulary, collection and idioms.
    • Our flexible programs boost your confidence in using and responding to language in everyday life.
    • Comprehension skills are developed using a wide variety of carefully selected written text including newspaper and journal articles and literary texts
    • Listening exercises of authentic materials to enable students to sharpen their comprehension skills, improve their pronunciation and increase their ability to think in the language.

    Study in schools and colleges:
       All the schools and colleges offered by us have a strong academic reputation and therefore have high expectations of our students. Foreign language lessons are held in the mornings. Regular homework assignments are set, regular progress tasks take place. In addition to classroom lessons you will use computer-based, audio-visual and library resources for language learning. In the afternoon a wide range of sports and social activities take place. Barbecue parties, quiz and video evenings frequently are held in the evenings. You will also have integrated study visits to places of local interest. We believe that the continual use of foreign language is particularly important in achieving rapid progress. The schools diverse mix of nationalities helps to maximize classroom discussion in foreign language. A Certificate of Attendance is issued at the end of the course.

    Entry into the course:
       Entry into this course is very flexible so that you can start your course most Monday in the year. All students are tested on the first day at school to assign each student to his or her appropriate level. Tests are both written and oral. Students are assigned to one of eight levels: beginner, elementary, lower intermediate, mid-intermediate, upper intermediate, First Certificate, Advanced and Proficiency.

       A program of social activities and excursions extends your language learning beyond the classroom.

    Latest news and offers
    07-10-2011||Year-round courses

    BAEST offers the following study worldwide:

    • Undergraduate Degree
    • Post Graduate Degree (Master and Ph.D Degrees)
    • MBA (Masters in Business Administration)
    • University Foundation courses
    • Pre- Masters Courses
    • IB Diploma and A-Level
    • Academic Year course
    • Courses for professional and specific purposes
    • General foreign language Education
      (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian,
      Chinese, Russian, Armenian)
    • International Examination Preparation
      (English - IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, CAE, PET, FCE; 
      French - DELF, DALF; 
      German - Zertifikat Deutch, Großes Sprachdiplom,
      Spanish - DELE)
    • Boarding Schools in the UK
    • University Lectures/ School Teachers trainings 
    • Study Holidays 

      For more details please contact us.

    07-04-2008||Tours in Armenia
    Tours in ArmeniaBAEST is offering the following tours: 7, 10 and 14 days tours in Armenia and Nagorni Karabagh!...
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